Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Kuliglig Power

Kuliglig defined from Wikipedia -  A kuliglig is a vehicle composed of a two-wheeled trailer pulled by a two wheeled tractor similar to a rotary tiller. It is a multi-purpose diesel or gasoline engine, commonly used in the provinces of the Philippines. The kuliglig traces its etymology from the Filipino term kuliglig, meaning "cricket" which was adopted by one manufacturer as a brand.

Common utilization of kuliglig

A Carabao replacement. It is a more handy tool for farming.
When connected to a trailer, it can be used for the transportation of people or farm goods.
When connected to a water pump, it can be used for irrigating rice and vegetable fields; at times it is also used for fish pond operations.
When connected to a grindstone, it can be used for sharpening blades, sanding and steel brushing.
On some occasions or festivals, it is used as a float during parades.
It is sometimes used for races.
Recently we just acquired a kuliglig for the main reason that the we're expanding our agricultural farm to more than 3 hectares and if we just rent a kuliglig during planting season then we'll be behind since most kuligligs were also busy on other farms so it's really an advantage having your own. It costs us 36,000.00 PHP (790 USD) including the trailer.

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