Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fattener versus piglets

Just had a discussion recently with my business partner regarding piglets and fattener on which is the best way to go. Based on facts when it comes to fattener the piggery owner needs more capital, effort and time and of course added risk on live weight price fluctuation and diseases.

When it comes to piglets the piggery owner has less effort, less capital and have a better chance of recovering the capital right away.

I've also made some research and this is what I found from Pinoy Agribusiness Forum.

Fattening is very profitable although the investment is pretty high. You will earn from 20-40% depending on the live weight price.

In selling piglet the cost is not that high but you could earn as much as 20-40% also depending on the demand of piglets.

The problem with selling piglets most of the time not all piglets are sold.

So if you have limited budget better to sell the piglets and then the unsold ones will be a fattener. In some instance the profit from the piglet sold can finance the fattening and also the sow.

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